I’m Still Here

Things are certainly different than they were almost a YEAR ago when I last updated here. I’m no longer doing CrossFit sadly, the toll it was taking on my body was too much. I have many old injuries from years of sports and athletics and they all flared up when I tried to lift very heavy weights. I still really love CF and miss it, but I moved on to other things. I got a new FitBit Charge that tracks heart rate and sleep and I joined the YMCA for a few months. That kept me busy for awhile, then a change in daycare and schedule made that less convenient. So now I’m back to getting my 10k steps and I’m going to start swimming again. ¬†Fitness for me always seems to come back to swimming, my first love. I suspect I will swim in some capacity until the day I die.

Now that the weather is getting better again, I’ve been spending more time outside, frequently at the park playing with my son. I’m hoping there will be more hiking in the works this year too.

I’ve also been doing much more cooking and meal planning. I’ve started using a website called Pepperplate, which I like, but it has some quirks. The major one is the app won’t work on my Samsung phone. I could REALLY use that app on my phone. It won’t link up with my facebook log-in and that’s the one that has all my recipes already loaded. Frustrating. So I might be looking for a new website before I have too many recipes saved.

I’ve also been using a lot of little time-saving and waste-reducing tricks in the kitchen and I think I’ll do a post about that soon.

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