Instant Pot!

For Christmas Nic surprised me with an Instant Pot! This is something I’ve wanted for a few months now, after first hearing about them. I didn’t actually think I’d get … Continue Reading →

Last Day of No Sugar April

Today is the last day of this sugar challenge. I (of course) fell off the sugar-free wagon this this week. I knew I would, but I didn’t fall as hard … Continue Reading →

Updates on No Sugar April, Emotional Eating!

I’ve been thinking about this no sugar thing at lot this time around. I don’t think I want to live in a restrictive NO SUGAR box for the rest of … Continue Reading →

Friday Favorites #3

Hello hello, how is your Friday? We’re having a nice quiet day here. Thanks to a combination of some weird insomnia and little guy having a lot of sleep issues … Continue Reading →

Sweet Sunday

If Friday is my favorite day of the week, Sunday is a close 2nd. Especially when we have no plans and can just be together as a lazy little family. … Continue Reading →

Sugar Break: Step Down Foods

I swear I do more in my real life than think about or attempt to get off the Sugar Train, but here I am, attempting to take a break from … Continue Reading →

Meal Planning, Pepperplate, and Good Recipes

I’ve been using Pepperplate for a few weeks now for meal planning and grocery list making, but I’m finding my initial enthusiasm about the website has waned a bit. There … Continue Reading →

I’m Still Here

Things are certainly different than they were almost a YEAR ago when I last updated here. I’m no longer doing CrossFit sadly, the toll it was taking on my body … Continue Reading →

Weather, CrossFit and Swimming

The fuzzies are out.  My wife or I utter this statement to each other at least once between May and July.  At some point during this stretch, all of the … Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Health and Fitness Enthusiast

Or not-so-health-fitness-enthused, maybe just ideas for the less “girly” Valentine gifts. Also, somewhat affordable gifts!  I’m still down and out with the virus of the year. I cannot stop coughing. I’ve … Continue Reading →