Sweet Sunday

If Friday is my favorite day of the week, Sunday is a close 2nd. Especially when we have no plans and can just be together as a lazy little family.

I suggested a visit to the year-round farmer’s market in W. Seattle and a trip to the bakery there. We picked up some of our current favorite gluten-free bread with a coupon and also had some fresh slices with butter.

The market wasn’t super busy which is my favorite kind of market experience. There were just enough people to make it lively, but it wasn’t so crowded that we had any trouble reaching each booth or buying what we wanted. I think the cooler/gray weather today kept a lot of people home eating pancakes.

There were A LOT of flower and veggie starts and we picked up three kinds of tomatoes and some mint. I’m hoping the mint won’t be mowed down by our feral cat.

Tomato and mint starts

Tomato and mint starts

I ate two empanadas, a mac n’ cheese filled one and a ricotta guava and they rocked_my_world. I wish I had a picture for you. I think the guava had a bit of sugar but they were both so small, I’m ok with it.

We also got some rapini and a big bunch of rainbow chard. Nic got a bottle of some Britt’s brine juice which I thought was weird but was soooo tasty. We had little juice shots when we got home. It tastes a bit like a bloody mary without alcohol.  Little guy liked it but was a bit surprised by the taste. I think he was expecting a sweet flavor.



I’m hoping we can plant the tomatoes and mint this afternoon. We have a bit of a planter garden happening this year. We had to kind of abandon our in-ground beds because one of our cedar trees has roots coming up through the bed. We may try and dig down deep into the bed and put down a liner, but for now we have pots with dill, strawberry (both from last year), lettuce, mint, tomatoes and a mix of flowers. I’d like to do garlic, kale, and leeks too.

Planter bed

Planter bed

Some of our "garden" pots and our former garden bed

Some of our “garden” pots and our former garden bed







My garden assistant

My garden assistant



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