First Outdoor Swim of the Year!

Delicious, tempting pool


I finally made my way to one of my favorite local outdoor pools today.  It’s a bit of a drive but it’s worth it.  The water was clean and absolutely perfect. It wasn’t horribly crowded and the sun was shining! YAY!  I was a bit sick this morning, as I am most mornings but I sort of pushed myself a little bit and I’m glad I did.

I didn’t really stick to any sets or keep track.  It’s a bit too late for that kind of swimming during this pregnancy I think.  Things certainly felt different than my swim a few weeks ago.  Freestyle still feels great but breaststroke felt weird!  My belly feels like it’s a bit in the way and my inner thighs are tight and sore.  My kick is much weaker.  Overall I’m much slower in the water.  I’m usually a fast lane swimmer but I felt very much like the medium lane was challenging enough.  In general it just felt SO good to be in water.  I crave swimming every day.  Now that I have a maternity suit on the way, I think I’ll be in the pool much more.

I think I’m definitely at the end of being able to wear my Speedo. I could feel it pulling across my belly and it wasn’t the coziest feeling.

After I got out I was STARVING in a way I couldn’t believe.  Fortunately there’s a grocery store across the street.  I sat in the sun and ate my lunch.  I smelled slightly of chlorine and sunscreen that didn’t wash off and I felt very much like ME.

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