Writing My Story

Here I am on attempt #….? of quitting sugar. I have no idea how many times I’ve tried, but this time has definitely felt the easiest. The longest I’ve gone without refined sugar is about 4 months. My theory is, I’d rather go through life trying over and over and spending many months without “the sauce” than never trying at all.

I want to tell you that this time is different! But really it’s not unlike all those other tries. It does feel easier every time and maybe the statistics are like quitting smoking, it takes 7 tries or something. Maybe with sugar it’s 700.

The one major difference this time is my effort to be kinder to myself. There are always slip-ups and awful replacements for sugar. Sometimes in the beginning I might gorge myself on fries. My body desperately trying to get sugar in the form of simple carbs. I used to get so mad at myself and now I just say “it’s OK, it happens” and I move on. It seems like when I stop the cycle with that, I do better.

I hope that one day I am a resource for someone. I want to be an “After” and be able to share my “Before” story. I’ve been trying to think of what this blog is about and I think it’s simply my story. I’m sharing my journey back to the athlete that I once was. I don’t know that I’ll be doing triathlon or distance swimming this year or next, but I’m sharing my journey back to that place. I’m taking baby steps and it’s WORKING.

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