Weather, CrossFit and Swimming

The fuzzies are out.  My wife or I utter this statement to each other at least once between May and July.  At some point during this stretch, all of the cottonwood trees nearby release all their white puffs. It collects like little snowdrifts around the neighborhood.  It reminds me of cherry blossom snow, only it’s softer and puffier.  It feels early this year and it goes along with the theme of a warm fall, warm winter, and now warm spring. It’s fine with me really. We’ve had some cold, rainy winters and I am ready for a long warm summer. (if it stays 85 or below that would be really nice)

Mostly I’m ready for OUTDOOR SWIMMING. My favorite local pool opens next weekend, incredibly.  It’s still topping out at 70 on the warmest days, but that’s enough for me!

I haven’t done any swimming for exercise in months. I miss it, and I’m contemplating a return. I had long dreamed about returning to my old swim team/club, but they’ve changed practice hours and they don’t really work with my schedule.  I’m now thinking about joining a private swim club which sounds sort of hoity-toity for my lifestyle but it might be worth it. For both me and my son to get in a lot of summer swimming. (and see just HOW MUCH we can spend on sunscreen in 4 months)


I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost 4 months now.  I’ve seen some impressive gains in strength.  I’ve learned a lot about lifting and made some buddies.  I really love it.  I was a bit nervous at first with the cult-like reputation that CF has and the frequencies of injuries.  So far I have not had any injuries *knocks on so many pieces of wood*.  My coaches are really, really serious about proper form, stretching and working through lifts before attempting them.  I think that really makes a difference.  If you’re curious about weight loss, I really don’t know. I stopped weighing myself after my son was born because it was making me feel really terrible about myself.  So far most of my clothes fit fine. They are tighter in odd places where my muscles have grown though. Around the biceps in my shirts and around my knees in my pants. I think if I picked up a paleo diet I would probably lose a lot of weight. I’m not doing that anytime soon.

To aid in some soreness I’m going to take the yoga class that’s now offered on Saturday mornings.  I think that will be the perfect accompaniment to CF and hopefully a couple swims every week through the summer.


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