Slow recovery from PF and a few of my favorite things

I’m still working on recovering from this annoying plantar fasciitis.  I miss running a lot.  I was running a good 5k before the pain got unbearable.  I had a bit of a turning point last week as I got a cortisone shot.  I debated about getting the shot for awhile but ultimately I’m so glad I did.  The pain is about 80% better.  The shot itself hurt like nothing else.  I had to fight the urge to yank my foot away.  People told me it was going to hurt but they didn’t really emphasize just how much.  The payoff is that I’m mostly pain free, and my right foot seems to be on the mend now as well, thanks to my being able to put less pressure on it.  I’m still doing physical therapy until I’m recovered 100%.

I’ve been building up my swim distances but I haven’t been very consistent. I’d like to get in the pool 2x/week and be at 2500 meters by May.  That really shouldn’t be too hard for this former collegiate swimmer.  I started with 750, then did 1000, then did 1100.  My muscles are starting to remember. I still get somewhat nauseated after swimming, I wish I knew what to do about that.

The other thing I’ve wanted to post about for awhile is a gear post. In the last year I’ve really upgraded my gear and in the last 10 years I’ve really figured out brands/products I love that work for me.


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I pretty much love my Polar watch.  I upgraded to the Polar Ft4 from some ancient Polar watch I received as a hand-me-down about 10 years ago.  One thing I love about this watch is that I can replace the battery myself.  It comes with a transmitter strap that goes around your chest.  I find the adjustable strap helpful as I have a pretty small waist/upper chest area as compared to the rest of my body.

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I love working out in my Lululemon Run Swiftly Short Sleeve t-shirt.  It feels like a soft second skin.  It doesn’t chafe and never rides up.  I barely even know I’m wearing it.  It’s durable, yet light.  I balked at paying $58 for a technical t-shirt but it’s worth it!

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I’ve been a fan of Speedo Vanquisher goggles since college I think.  I love the simple design, they are similar to racing goggles, but with just a little bit of a rubber seal to make them comfortable.  They also look cool and are right around $18.


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As a fair-skinned gal who loves the outdoors I think I’ve tried every sunscreen out there. REI’s sunblock ranks pretty high up on my favorites as it’s never greasy, and when reapplied correctly never leaves me burned. I wore it on a 5 day bike ride in the mountains and have worn it plenty of times swimming in open water on a sunny day.



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