Joining the Cult of CrossFit

I recently had my first experience with CrossFit. It’s been on my Bucket List for awhile and I’m really ready to try something new! It was pretty much love at first Burpee.


-Price. It’s $100/month for CrossFit and this includes access to the gym next door + all the classes like yoga, etc..
-Location, it’s less than a 10 minute drive from home
-General vibe of the place is the_most non-pretentious gym I’m EVER been to. It was almost all minorities and A LOT of women both working out and working at the gym. There was a woman working out in a hijab! It felt so inclusive.
-I LOVED the CrossFit workout itself. I loved that the coach was clearly very, very fit and knows a lot about CF and training in general, but he wasn’t intimidating. He also didn’t make me feel like I should “hold back” too much. I don’t know how he did it, but he made me feel like a superstar without pushing too hard or babying me. I felt really safe as well. I felt like he explained things and corrected things without it being annoying. I also felt pushed and tested and I really liked it!
– The Crossfit “box” is in a separate building and has great equipment and lots of space. They have a row of rowing machines which I’m happy about since I don’t like to run (plantar fasciitis).


-The childcare was definitely a no. There is no security so pretty much anyone could just walk in. There was no babygate on the door so access to the hallway wasn’t limited. I wasn’t impressed with the two women working. They just didn’t seem experienced enough. I asked if everyone had background checks and first aid/CPR and they weren’t sure. So I don’t think I’ll be using the childcare. (Emmer was at home with Nic last night) I’ve heard mumblings from the community group on Facebook that this is pretty much the only downside to this gym/CF.
-Super, SUPER sketchy parking lot. There are cameras and lights but it felt dark and scary. I asked about it and they said there have been no issues. So I guess that’s only sort of “con”.
-No locker rooms. They have lockers to store your stuff and bathrooms, but no showers, etc.. This is really a minor thing as I’d rather shower at home. Someday if I wanted to go straight to work I can also just shower at work. My employer has a nice locker room.

So I think I will join the gym and see how often I can make it. My goal is to make 2 CrossFit classes a week and one more gym visit on the weekend. Unfortunately they don’t offer weekend classes but he said they are adding some.

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