It’s Been Three Weeks and I’m Not Dead

Today marks three weeks off refined sugar.  I came really close to falling apart this week, almost caving to some chocolate chip cookies, but I kept going! I’m starting to notice when I crave sugar now. I’m starting to really pay attention.  Last night it became really clear to me after I put the baby to bed. I had a rough time getting him to sleep, he’s teething and it was hot and he was very unhappy. It was pretty stressful and when I was finished I immediately wanted something sweet.  Instead of finding something to binge on, I had a fruit-sweetened popsicle instead.  I realize that YES a lot of people consider that sugar but between my nutritionist and I, right now, that is my crutch to help me wean off.

I realized that three weeks really IS how long it takes to develop a new habit. I wouldn’t say I’m anywhere near recovered from my sugar addiction, but it’s becoming a habit now and it feels good.  So I decided I’d like to take on a new healthy habit every three weeks.  Big or small, one little change every three weeks.  Something I’ve really been wanting to get back into is yoga.  My body is often achy, often tired.  Between working part-time and taking care of the baby, the house, laundry, food, and everything else it’s hard to fit it in! But I can definitely squeeze in 15-20 minutes a week. So that’s my teeny tiny goal for the next three weeks.  15-20 minutes of yoga a week.  If I can do that, I will increase to 2x a week.  Then maybe I’ll do another nutrition goal, then another exercise goal, then a mental health goal. And so on!

I started my yoga tonight with short and sweet little video from this great free yoga website called DoYogaWithMe.Com.  I did the After Work Revitalizer video that is about 15 minutes long. It’s a great Hatha Flow video that is just right.   Flow yoga is my favorite, especially when I’m getting back into yoga because the poses aren’t held for a terribly long time. Once I’m into yoga more regularly I can hold poses for longer.

So we’ll see where this three week plan takes me. Hopefully to a healthier me for the rest of 2014.

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