Friday Favorites #2

What a week! Things didn’t start off so great with the Seahawks’ loss at the Superbowl.  Then our whole family came down with something miserable. We’ve all been coughing and yesterday my little guy had a fever.  It has also been pouring down rain all week, just to add to our misery. So I didn’t get to post like I’d hoped. However I want to keep up with Friday Favorites.

Trader Joes Truffle Marcona Almonds



These are SO tasty as a snack or on a salad. We’ve been gobbling these up all week.

Kirland Yoga Pants

I’d love to share a photo with you of these but they are missing from the website. I’m scared they’re getting discontinued. These are my UNIFORM. I wear them during my SAHM days and during weekends.  They are better quality than yoga pants I’ve bought for 4x the price. Last time I was at Costco they only had S and XS.  🙁

Morning Thunder Black Tea

Although I love my coffee, I’ve been much more of a tea drinker in the last two years. I usually have two cups of black tea in the morning with milk and honey and sometimes in the afternoon I have decaf (usually something like Candy Cane Lane or a Rooibos blend or something).  I just polished off a box of Morning Thunder.  I forgot how good it tastes and it’s got such a kick to it, I only really need one cup to wake up.

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I’m off to CrossFit workout #4 this afternoon. I’m hoping to a write-up soon about how that’s going (great!).  Have a good weekend!

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