French Macarons, #2

I made macarons last weekend for the first time and they were such a disaster.  This time I had some success!  I used Martha Stewart’s recipe and it’s pretty easy.  Much easier than some of the other ones out there that require many more steps.  The only variations I made were I turned my oven down to 300 and used a wooden spoon to keep it propped open.  350 is way too hot and they will burn.  I found that they came out better on the parchment than on the silpat, which surprised me.  I added about 1.5 tbl of lemon zest to the macaroon batter and mixed up some of Sprinkles lemon buttercream frosting for the middle.  They did not turn out with “feet” as a traditional macaron should but they are puffy and light while still being chewy as they should be.  I pipetted them out from a ziplock and next time I’ll use an actual pastry bag.  I think that will help with the shape.  I’ll also add a lot less gel coloring to the frosting as it turned out SO yellow!  They taste amazing but I can feel my sugar monster wanting to eat all of them.  I’m much safer when they’re packed up and in my work bag.  Minus whatever Nic eats before then.  Macarons are only good for a few days anyway.  This is the first time since I gave up sugar that I’ve tried baking something sweet.  Something SO tempting.  I still really love to bake and I love to bake for other people.  I’ve also been allowing myself sugar here and there in VERY limited quantities.  I’m trying not to slip back into old patterns.  I’m trying to save it for special, home baked treats made by me or friends.


Martha’s Macaron Recipe

Lemon Buttercream Recipe

Drying on the pan

The macarons cooked on the Silpat didn't turn out as puffy

The macraons baked on parchment turned out much better

Very yellow lemon buttercream

Finished macarons! Not pretty, but SO tasty.



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