Coffee, break

I think maybe I’ve broken up with coffee. It’s not that I don’t like coffee anymore, it just doesn’t taste as good to me as it used to. I still like a really good latte or Americano from Vita or Vivace or Stumptown, but I don’t want it daily anymore.

I think I’m having a return to my love affair with tea. I’ve always liked tea but lately it’s all I want!

I wonder too if there’s something in tea, however slight, that I might need. I’ve been trying to tap into this lately with food. I also crave chocolate a lot and I’m trying really hard to eat good quality dark chocolate (vs. cheap leftover Halloween candy). I recently made this incredible chocolate coconut tart with no refined sweeteners and it’s decadent and a little bit goes a long way.

So I do wonder if I don’t “need” coffee like I used to. I also cannot tolerate that much caffeine anymore. I’ve always been kind of a caffeine wimp but now even 6oz of regular black coffee makes me really jittery. On the other hand, two cups of black tea leaves me feeling kind of refreshed.

My current favorite at the moment is Tetley’s Green & Black tea. It’s a very nice smooth combination and any bitterness from the black tea is smoothed out with the green.

This time of year I also really enjoy Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane. It’s so good with milk and honey. Trader Joes sells a version of this too.

I used to buy tea from Teavana quite a bit but I recently found their tea quality wasn’t as good and their prices are inflated. So I’ve vowed to shop our many local tea shops instead.

Today I tried out Remedy Teas on Capitol Hill and it was just lovely. I had a plain black tea latte and it was just perfect.

sun tea

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