Cacao Protein Milkshake

Smooth and chocolatey

I did my longest swim today – 1700 meters.  I’m hoping to build to 2000 meters comfortably by April and 2500 by May.  Today’s swim felt hard but I really pushed through! I did a 400s/200k/100p warm-up and then did 4×100 IM, then 10x50f build, then a 100s warm down.  The best part was that I did not feel sick at all.  I got out and felt tired with that overall feeling of a hard workout.  Now I feel peppy and back to life with this yummy lunch smoothie.

Cacao Protein Milkshake

Mix in blender:

1 small-med frozen banana

1 level tbl of cacao powder

1-1.5 cup almond milk (or milk of your choice)

1-2 tbl of peanut butter

.5 tbl agave nectar

.5 scoop of your favorite protein powder in vanilla or plain flavor (I used Garden of Life Raw protein powder)

400 cal, 20g protein, and about 10% of your daily iron!



  • Nic says:

    Ca-COW!!! 😉

  • Rhonda Price says:

    Great recipe! Did you know we are coming out with chocolate flavored Raw Protein soon? I think you’ll love it! If you’d like to e mail me later in April, I will send you some to try.

  • Jenny says:

    Hey girl! Just found your blog via the Fitnessista! You were saying you do P90X but thought about TurboFire. I left a comment there but wasn’t sure if you’d see it 🙂

    If you’re at all interested in TurboFire let me know- I can get you started with it- I’m a Beachbody Coach, so that’s what I do is help people pick and choose their programs to try 🙂 Love your blog! Love what it’s all about (FITNESS! yay!!) Take care.

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