A Pregnant Swimmer’s Gripe

Last weekend I attempted to squeeze my 25 (now 26) week pregnant body into my Speedo.  A few months back I bought a Speedo Endurance suit, my absolute favorite cut/style for swim team.  I accidentally ordered a size too big but I figured I would save it in case I gained weight or (hopefully) got pregnant.  I’m glad I saved it, but that suit might fit for approximately one more week, and not very comfortably.

This brings me to today when I foolishly was excited to shop around online for my first maternity lap suit.  They simply don’t exist.  There are plenty of maternity swim suits out there. Oh yes, cute little tankinis, bikinis, y-backs, and u-backs. These are great if you want to sit around and look cute, maybe splash around a little bit.  However, if you’re a serious swimmer, or hell just a bobbing lap swimmer, you’re going to be disappointed.

At one point Speedo made maternity suits and oh how I wish they still did.  I finally found one on my tried and true swimwear shopping site Swim Outlet.  It was the ONLY suit that has an actual decent crossback style (won’t fall off or slip off shoulders), good colors and came in a size XL.

Photo from www.swimoutlet.com, EQ Swimwear Harmony Maternity Swimsuit

I wish I were this tan. Thank you EQ Swimwear for making at least ONE swimsuit that will work for lap swimming.  Now I get to wait and pray and hope it fits and is long enough (a maternity lap suit that’s also long-torso cut? HAhahahahahah!).

For now, I’ll squeeze into my Speedo for one more week.  Tomorrow is my first outdoor swim of the year. I’m SUPER excited even though it will likely only be about 55 degrees during the morning when I swim.  I have enough “insulation” and pregnancy hormones that I will be plenty warm.

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