Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nic got up this morning and made us a Dutch Baby which energized us to work on our vacation planning this morning. I am so relieved that this is finally booked and planned. I am so in need of a break.  My sister has agreed to housesit which is so awesome.

Nic's First Dutch Baby

I helped Nic work on pulling up the never-ending Morning Glory out by the Willow tree.  Next week an arborist and his team are going to come clean-up the willow and mulch the branches and spread it around the base.  I think Miss Willow will look really nice once that’s done.  Our yard has made a ton of progress this year.

I also made us a pizza using a boxed gluten free crust.  I don’t normally used the boxed kind but my super sweet mom likes to buy us gluten free treats when she’s out and about.  I like to make my own but the boxed stuff is really so nice when I’m tired and over-hungry like I was today when I came in from battling Morning Glory.  I topped it with sauce, onions, zucchini, garlic, tofu and spinach.  I used the extra firm organic stuff from TJs.  It turned out pretty darn delicious.  I think I’ll copy the boxed crust ingredients and make it my own.  The box listed tapioca flour, tapioca starch, salt and spices.  The instructions said to add in egg and oil.  I think if I make my own crust again soon I’ll do 1/2 brown rice, and 1/2 tapioca.  The crust flavor was good but the chewiness resembled gummy candy in some spots.  It bugged Nic but I kind of liked it. Like mochi pizza.

I was really excited that it was warm enough to hang our laundry outside yesterday.  That’s definitely not the case today.  There’s something old timey and refreshing about sun dried laundry.  It’s way less romantic when you’re doing it because you don’t have a dryer or it’s not working.  Ours is working fine but it heats the house up and is a waste of energy when the sun will work fine.

I’ve been thinking a lot in the last couple weeks about career opportunities again.  Nursing has fallen off the plate again which isn’t surprising to me or anyone else.  I change my mind about career ideas constantly.  It used to bug me but I’m OK with it now.  I’ve been thinking more about being a yoga instructor. I’ve been doing yoga for so many years and I never tire of learning about it I definitely feel like it’s a passion. I can certainly see myself doing what I do now for 20 or 30 hours and then doing 10 hours a week of yoga instruction.  I really do love my job but it’s so unpredictable.  Especially the coming year.

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